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How to Buy Gold? The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Gold

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How to Buy Gold

How to Buy Gold? The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Gold How to Buy Gold? The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Gold

How to Buy GoldTo have a sensible and stable investment portfolio, knowledgeable investors are mindful about the significance of gold and it is because of the same reason gold is being considered as preferable choice of investment for many centuries. Gold offers prosperity in addition to its safer price fluctuation offering the eventual assurance and safety against tempestuous economic meltdown period. As per the historical records, gold is proven to be an eternal asset and in addition to be an effective savior of capital, its high price movements and best ever demand has guaranteedthat gold has outdonemost other mode of assets or investment options.

As per the report published by World Gold Council, there was an increase in investment behavior observed over gold bars and gold coins all over the world. This report was released in the year 2014 by the month of February as part of “Gold Demand Trends” news broadcast. The demand of gold grew higher as the desire of gold amongst the Chinese were increasing. Captivatingly, shareholders shied away from gold stocks through Exchange traded funds as aninvestment options were sold. However the demand on physical gold buying and selling in form of trading or shopping is observed to grow stronger than ever.

With an exceptional historical record and ever-growingbuyerappeal for gold coins and bars in the Gulf countries and South Asia, we are sure that the time which is ahead would be a perfect time for any investors to buy physical gold.

Hope this small note has served as adefinitive guide on “How to buy Gold”.

How to Buy Gold

Why Buy Gold?

Why buy goldMany people ask why buy gold? What could possibly make it a good investment?

Many are not aware of the fact that buying gold today will make more sense than anything else. In times of economic instability as these, confidence in economy and banking systems are ranking an all time low and making everyone wonder what could transform everybody’s investment portfolio. With the demand in gold rising more than ever, here are a few reasons why people should opt for gold as possible investment.

Get the perfect investment through Gold

In the turbulent economic times today, the only perfect insurance one can get is through Gold ownership. Is your money really safe? How can you make it safer? The answer to all these questions is Gold ownership.

With buying gold you can obtain as much certainty as you can get in today’s endangered economy with various successful nations like UK and other economies facing a publicized turmoil. Investment in gold will always hold a value as compared to other investment forms that can be unstable and unreliable. Gold ownership is likely to save you from other harmful economic conditions such as inflation, low interest rates, stock market unpredictability and currency issues. Besides of its preciousness, it is also

Why Physical Gold?

Advantages of holding physical gold

Why buy goldCompared to holding gold in form of paper or electronic format, there exists great advantages when holding gold in terms of physical form. Whenever there is a turbulent fiscal times, gold comes as a lifesaving asset. However it would be safer when you have this gold in terms of physical gold bars or coins than as gold ETFs or certificates. If you ask us what is an eternal asset then we would strongly say that physical gold is one such eternal asset. We strongly recommend every investors to go for gold in physical form rather than its certificates counterpart. This is because consider the problem that would arise when a bullion based commodity exchanges default to all the gold based contracts which are in circulation. In addition consider the crisis that would occur when all the banks and financial institutions which issues bullion certificates goes bankrupt.

It is the physical gold bars or coins which facilitates the eventualcover for your capital against economicdisaster in adriftingand widespread economy.There was a historical crisis that happened by 2008 by which people who had their funds in bank were unable to withdraw when they need it. This incident shows that if you don’t have it on your hands even that may be a cash then you might

Where to Buy Gold?

A perfect guide to spot the best bullion dealer

Where to buy goldEvery new investors before getting into the bullion market it is very vital to carry out research in and around bullion market to understand where to buy gold from. This is a fact and it holds good even for investors who are already into the bullion segment. Both new and existing investors have to continuously update themselves on who is best and trustworthy bullion dealer in the market.

Exploit the internet

Carrying out research is the base and applying the knowledge gained through research is the key to success. In this internet spread out world, use the prevailing opportunity to carry out your research on trustworthy bullion dealer through internet. Exploit the most out of the internet as it holds many information about each and everything about the bullion dealers and trading guidelines relevant to them.

Internet is also a place where one could find reviews posted by individuals, knowledgeable bullion traders, brokers and other sort of investors. We can rightly claim that internet is a place where reviews can be read through in billions on bullion. People in UK can start with their search about bullion dealers right away by typing into For instance: you can type in “BuyBullionGoldBar”

When to Buy Gold?

When is the right time to buy gold

When to buy goldEach and Every one of us wanted to preserve our wealth by investing in some assets which could yield as more profit in future or more money at the time of necessity. Bullion gold or silver is one such investment asset where every individual can deposit their money so as to become rich and ready for tomorrow. But can anyone invest their money at any time on these gold or silver, if you ask this question of “When to Buy” then the answer is do the research and make your step at the right time. After all investing in bullion is a key decision that can make you king or pawn or sometimes nobody in the wealth game.

As per the historical fact, it was by year 2005 and 2006 which served as a great time to invest in gold. It was during this time the gold price observed at a stagnant 250£ T/OZ. The same momentum was again observed during the year 2007 and 2008 that financial crisis occurred in UK. Most of the knowledgeable investors took this crisis period as an advantage for them to buy gold and they did invest to make their fortune. The investors who made investment during those period would now be enjoying a benefit of at the least 200% increase of worth in their investment amount.

So when to buy the gold for you to make such

Gold Bars or Coins?

A perfect guide to invest in Gold bars and coins

Gold Bars Gold CoinsBuyBullionGoldBar is happy to present you here with a post that walks you through with several guidelines on bullion investment in form of bars and coins. We hope this post would be beneficial even if you are a first time bullion investor or not. Ok let’s start walking…

You may be a first time investor into the bullion market or not, but it is imperative to consider several factors being choosing your bullion investment options which may be in bars or coins. It is strongly suggested that before going for any decision making process, please carry out your research over that subject to understand which one will suit your interested outcome.

In the field of investment there is definitely no correct or incorrect solution as this would vary based on the investor’s interest on the outcome or his potential to invest on particular asset. The investor’s interest might be to buy bullion asset which can return more profit, buy bullion bars or coins at less premium, flexible way to safe keep the asset etc. The potential of investors might point to the wealth status of the investor which would directly related to whether the investor can afford to buy huge volume of gold bars or at what premium can

Buy Gold or Silver?

Gold or silver for investment?

When it comes to gold or silver most of them prefers gold as their first choice. Instead one can spread their investment portfolio by mixing both gold and silver. Silver is less preferred than gold due to the fact that gold price is more unwavering than silver and due to the bigger consumer demand in the bullion market.

We will discuss in this post more about silver in order to make you understand that silver has its demand both in present and a huge demand for silver is now foreseen for the future. Let us see how this fact is proven here in this article.

Silver’s demand in the manufacturing

Silver is a bullion product which finds its usage in both as an individual’s investment material and as a product highly utilised in the manufacturing sector. All the advanced technologies and ongoing research projects makes use of silver’s distinct metallic properties. Silver acts as an oxidative catalyst in a predominant manner. Some of its characteristics such as affinity towards oxygen and bonding it makes with other materials has found its place in several industries. More than 75 to 82 % of the silver mined is utilised by the industrial processes.

Today it is evident that the need for more silver is growing fast as popular electronic equipment such as server computers, mobile phones are composed of that metal. Silver is also used in solar energy sector as one of the main elements. It is estimated

CGT on Bullion

Capital Gains Tax rules related to Bullion

Paying Capital Gains Tax on Gold BullionIn UK, there exists a tax rule termed as Capital Gains Tax or CGT which is charged on the profit that one makes when selling the assets such as stocks, property or bullion metals. The tax is applicable on the profit component only and not on the total sale value and the tax rate would vary somewhere between 18 to 28 %. Please note that this tax rate would differ every fiscal year and the customer is advised to observe this fluctuation to plan their sell trade accordingly.

However it is to be noted that CGT can be exempted as there is a tax free allowance slab exists as per the rules. If the total profit made by an investor is within this slab then the investor need not pay for this CGT tax component. To get exempted from this CGT component, it is the responsibility of the investors to know the prevailing CGT tax exemption slab for the fiscal year by which the sell trade is done. BuyBullionGoldBar will not be responsible for declaring how much you have to pay for the CGT component.

For instance: Consider the Capital Gains tax exemption slab is £10,900 for the profit that one earn in single financial year.If a person who has made his sale deed of gold bars for 35,000

CGT Free Gold

VAT on Bullion

Is VAT applicable for Gold and Silver Bullion?

VAT on Siver GoldOne of the frequent questions in the bullion investment segment is “Is VAT applicable for Gold and Silver bullion?” Well in this post we are happy to clarify this doubt that almost every investor has:

No, you will not incur VAT on investment made on gold bullion

Yes, 20% VAT is applicable on silver investments made on silver bars and coins

In case of gold, VAT-free bullion investment is possible on gold bars and coins purchased in the region of United Kingdom and EU. So it definitely means that all gold bullion is absolutely free of VAT. Due to this fact many investors are in a mindset that other precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium can also be availed at free of VAT. But remember that is not the case!!!

Why VAT is applicable for silver bullion?

Silver one of the precious metals being more speculative, has to be considered as different from gold. In fact every investor should treat buying silver bullion like any other normal home based appliances where buying any home based appliances would incur a VAT in bills. However the catch is VAT might not be explicitly mentioned in the bills and in most cases the bullion rate would include VAT as one of its components.

Whether investing on silver bullion a wise choice?

VAT on Siver GoldOne of the common questions that every investor has is “If VAT is applicable on silver

Gold Storage

Singapore – the best spot for bullion storage

Singapore is the best spot for stowing your bullion. The reasons behind this statement are:

  • Investors can invest in all forms of bullion in Singapore since there is no VAT/ Sales tax/ GST and no capital gains tax
  • Singapore government rules are relaxed and favorite to bullion investors as there is no need for the investors to declare on what bullion they buy, sell or store in Singapore
  • Cash dealings are considered as legal
  • The law is so stringent and safe to people at Singapore
  • The asset proprietorship is strong and strictly followed
  • Multiple initiatives are taken by the Singapore government to increase the volume of gold trading at Singapore

Bullion Storage with

At, you can enjoy the benefit offered by Singapore government policy on bullion trading and storage with utmost security facility. facilitate a maximum security level for preserving your bullion assets by diminishing the risks associated in term of physical storage,financial and administrative conditions.

In general, at we facilitate an utmost reasonable storage fees in the market segment after the period of free storage offer. This free storage can be availed by our customer until the year of 2016. All bullion owners will get a proprietorship

How to Buy Online?

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Buy Gold

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Vault Storage

For international and domestic investors seeking a safe haven for their precious metals, “My Vault Storage” offers a convenient, end-to-end solution for the purchase, sale, storage, and delivery of an assortment of bullion products.

Bullion investors assume a considerable amount of risk keeping even a moderate amount of bullion in uninsured storage solutions. Also, the fact that there is more “paper” Gold or Silver in circulation than there are backing of physical precious metals increases the risk of defaults on the commodity exchanges.

By engaging the services of some of the top secure storage facilities in Singapore, one of the safest countries in the world, and with our easy to use online system, BullionStar is able to address these concerns with “My Vault Storage”. BullionStar provides the maximum level of security for your wealth by minimizing physical, economic and political risks to your precious metal holdings.

In short, “My Vault” offers you:

- Allocated bullion – no paper promises

- Insured bullion – no risk for you

- Easy-to-use trading interface online

- Buy, sell, or withdraw at any time

- Minimum of two years free storage

- Ownership certificate of physical bullion 

- No reporting requirements or ties to foreign governments

BullionStar and My Vault Storage present you stable solutions in uncertain times.

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why buy from usWhat makes BuyBullionGoldBar so special?

Here we have composed several points to let the investors or the customers knew that why BuyBullionGoldBar affiliate network is trustable affiliate bullion dealer and buying from us is so special:

World class customer service

Great service starts by offering first class customer service. We have this ideology in our mind and all our workforce right from the top level to bottommost level do realise the importance of this ideology. We offer one of the world class customer service to our customers which cannot be compared to any other bullion dealers.

Our affiliate network have won consecutive awards from accredited firms with respect to our outstanding customer service. Do you know how difficult and what it takes to earn a positive review and testimonials from the customers?

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Stack of Gold Bars

BullionByPost is the UK’s ultimate place to view and monitor the gold price via our fast loading gold price charts. As the UK’s No.1 gold bullion dealer we accurately provide you with all the real time movements in the gold price updated every 5 seconds.

Whether you’re looking to follow the live gold price, view the gold price today, this week, month, year, or historically, we’ve got it covered. Using the chart options above and on the left hand side there are hundreds of charts to view with a choice of variables to help you find exactly what you want. You can tailor your gold price chart via Time Frame, Weight and Currency.

Silver price Chart

Stack of Gold Bars

BullionByPost is the UK’s ultimate place to view and monitor the gold price via our fast loading gold price charts. As the UK’s No.1 gold bullion dealer we accurately provide you with all the real time movements in the gold price updated every 5 seconds.

Whether you’re looking to follow the live gold price, view the gold price today, this week, month, year, or historically, we’ve got it covered. Using the chart options above and on the left hand side there are hundreds of charts to view with a choice of variables to help you find exactly what you want. You can tailor your gold price chart via Time Frame, Weight and Currency.

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Stack of Gold Bars

BullionByPost is the UK’s ultimate place to view and monitor the gold price via our fast loading gold price charts. As the UK’s No.1 gold bullion dealer we accurately provide you with all the real time movements in the gold price updated every 5 seconds.

Whether you’re looking to follow the live gold price, view the gold price today, this week, month, year, or historically, we’ve got it covered. Using the chart options above and on the left hand side there are hundreds of charts to view with a choice of variables to help you find exactly what you want. You can tailor your gold price chart via Time Frame, Weight and Currency.

Why invest in Gold

There is one asset that has long been considered "money": Gold. It has been the definitive medium of exchange, used for many centuries. But in these modern times, does gold still have relevance?

No matter how ‘modern’ a society gets, economic laws,issues of scarcity and time must remain with us. We hope to show in this article that the characteristics of money do not change just because technologies improve or because trade between people expands.

We believe that in the present economic crisis, the financial world is learning a big lesson about money. Since the last century, it has been common to think of economic progress in terms of higher and higher prices. Meanwhile, some analysts argue that money printing itself, which leads to price increases, is the cause of the crises themselves, and that more currency debasement only delays economic recovery.

How long, indeed, can a monetary regime based on fiat currency, last? We ask this while observing that gold, often considered a mere investment and not the alternative to the entire financial system, has allowed its holders to maintain purchasing power of their savings. The price of gold has risen along with general price levels.

Gold's exchangeability with other goods and services over long periods of time seems to indicate that it can serve as money in our globalized

Why invest in Silver

Silver as an investment

We're very bullish in precious metals in general, but especially with silver. In this article, we aim to show why silver has such strong upside potential. Basically, silver's supply could not keep up with increasing demand for it, both in industry and as an investment. And whenever supply could not keep up, we can expect prices to explode to the upside.

By the end of this article, you will have understood why it is necessary for you to invest in silver. In brief, we examine the following:

- Demand for silver in industry;

- Demand for silver as medium of exchange;

- The shrinking silver/gold ratio, and what this means for the silver price;

- Protecting yourself from inflation through silver;

- Silver's volatility, and how to take advantage of it; and

- The importance of owning physical silver.

Industrial Metal

Silver has been used in the making of tools and other goods since ancient times. And its use in modern industry won’t be going away anytime soon. There are those who look at the struggling economy as a reason to get out of industrial metals such as silver. But no matter how difficult the economic situation, the demand for essential products will have to remain, and silver will continue to be used in the manufacture of various goods.


Related Links: If you have any questions about gold bullion investment, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable and friendly team on +44 (0) 203 592 3482 who will be happy to talk you through any queries you may have. Alternatively, you can e-mail us on: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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How to Buy Gold? The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Gold


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